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Travel Agent

We love travel agents!

We do work with travel agents. We’re glad you asked! As hospitality and wine professionals, we take pride in partnerships aimed at delivering your guests first class wine tours and recognizing your referral via a commission.

Booking a customized wine tour requires significant wine industry knowledge and the ability to pair wineries with the specific preferences of each guest. If you are a local concierge, local travel agent, or a travel agent with significant experience booking wine tours around the globe you are the ideal fit for our IATA partnership. We provide seamless transportation services you coordinate the bookings at each winery and provide us with a completed and confirmed schedule for our guest. By taking the labor-intensive relationship based portion of booking and planning off our hands, you allow us to focus exclusively in driving and delighting your guest while securing Tier A commission.

If you do not have wine expertise or contacts with the industry we want to encourage you to send your referral our way and we will take care of everything. The referral partnership provides you with a small finder’s fee and places the burden of booking and delivering a perfect Sonoma wine tour in our hands. We will take care of everything, from evaluating the guest’s preferences to selecting the best and most exclusive wineries. Some of our partnerships are with highly coveted wineries open by appointment only. Tier B commission is perfect for busy concierges and travel agents unfamiliar with the region and having limited knowledge of viticulture and oenology.


1. How much commission will I receive in Tier A and Tier B?
Your commission depends on the size and complexity of your wine tour as well as your tier. Before moving forward with a booking please contact us to discuss. We will give you the percentages prior to signing the dotted line.

2. If I am not familiar with wineries in Sonoma will you provide me a directory and recommend a few if I want to do the bookings myself?
No, it takes our concierge team significant time to select wineries based on guest preferences. If you are unfamiliar with the area and wish to become well versed we would love to host you at travel agent’s rate. This will allow you to identify your own contacts and select the wineries you feel are best suited for your type of clientele.

3. When do you pay commissions?
We forward commissions within 30 days of tour completion.

4. Can you host large groups?
Yes, with advanced notice we can host large groups. Please call us to discuss your group travel needs.

5. What can a guest expect when touring with you?
Sonoma Private Tours specializes in high-end wineries and pairs sophisticated wine drinkers with exclusive purchasing and tasting opportunities. We are in the in when it comes to new wineries and know how to get reservations to the most coveted gastronomical experiences in town.

6. What about social referral fees for non travel agents or concierges?
By all means refer your friends. In addition to our gratitude we will send you a token of our appreciation or apply a discount to your next Sonoma wine tour.

7. Who do I contact to discuss our bookings?
Please reach out to Javier at concierge@sonomaprivatetours.com