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Wine Touring in Sonoma Like a Pro

Sonoma Wine Tours

Wine tours in Sonoma are aimed to a different breed of wine aficionados. In contrast with Napa Valley, Sonoma is far more expansive but not necessarily more expensive, and that my friends is great news for wine collectors seeking to add variety to their personal cellars and wine libraries.

Plan, Plan, Plan – A Perfect Wine Tour Is All About Planning!

In contrast with Napa, Sonoma is not about a straight road like Silverado trail with winery after winery. If you want your visit to Sonoma wineries to be a total success you need to have clarity and intent. There is no such thing as just winging it! Most wineries are by appointment only and located in unmarked properties.

Know Thyself

The most memorable wine tours are those that best align with our passion and preferences. To get the most out of your wine tour of Sonoma pre-qualify yourself asking important questions about your preferences and your budget. A wine tour if far more satisfying if you plan it around a theme or type of wine. By remaining focused on a type of wine you will have the best opportunity to compare apples to apples and explore the nuances within a certain varietal. As a bonus, drinking the same varietal may reduce the risk of getting super tipsy.

Pacing Will Happen Naturally

Good news! You can leisurely enjoy your glass. Chances are you won’t have the pressure normally experienced in high traffic wineries. Additionally, the scenic drive from winery to winery will give your system a good chance to rest.

Farm to Table? Yes Please!

Your wine tour of Sonoma is the perfect opportunity to jump in the bandwagon of farm to table. Sonoma is a highly agricultural area with many restaurants producing the majority of their goods on location. If you are into local eating Sonoma will be a dream come true. Alternatively, a large number of the wineries in Sonoma offer beautiful opportunities to picnic on their grounds.

Ready to join us in a great adventure?

Let our Sonoma wine concierge do all the work. We will plan the best Sonoma wine tour ever.


The SPT Team

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