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Wine Touring With Your Dog? Sonoma Welcomes You!

Wine tasting with dogs

When it comes to wine tasting company does matter. If your partner in crime and fellow traveler happens to be a hound Sonoma wineries have plenty in store. As for us; we are happy to host your tour dogs and all as long as your pooch is well-behaved and non-shedding. We will go out of our way to give you and your canine companion the adventure of a lifetime. Sonoma is home to many dog-friendly wineries but before you and your pooch head our way here are a few things to remember:

  • Not every winery is dog-friendly. Bringing the hound along may hinder your access to highly coveted wines.
  • Pick a time when the weather is mild. Many wineries have limited dog-friendly areas usually located outside.
  • Groom your dog for the occasion. For the comfort of other guests make certain your canine companion smells fresh and is prepped to reduce shedding.
  • Have all vaccinations up-to-date.
  • Check your homeowner’s liability insurance to make sure you are protected in case of accidents affecting other patrons or private property
  • Bring baggies!
  • Bring his favorite foods.
  • Leashing matters. Off-leash dogs are a bad idea. Make sure your dog is properly tagged and always bring along an extra leash.

Here is a list of dog-Friendly wineries in Sonoma:

Arista Winery

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Christopher Creek Winery

Deux Amis Winery

Foppiano Winery

Gustafson Vineyards

Keating Wines



Paradise Ridge


Russian Hill Estate

Silver Oak

Simi Winery

Sojourn Cellars

The Barlow

Three Sticks



If you are ready to discover Sonoma with or without your dog don’t hesitate to give our concierge a call.

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